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Mobility and Transport

Since 2015 the Digital Transport and Logistics Forum (DTLF), provides a platform for structural dialogue, provision of technical expertise, cooperation and coordination between the Commission, Member States and the transport and logistic sector. Its goal is to assist the Commission in the development and implementation of the Union’s relevant activities and programmes, in particular those targeted at full-scale digital interoperability and data exchange in a shared, secured and trusted transport and logistics dataspace. Details of the objectives, scope and functioning of the DTLF are laid out in the establishing the expert group.

General publications13 September 2018
C(2018) 5921

Commission Decision of 13.9.2018 setting up the group of experts on digital freight transport and logistics: the Digital Transport and Logistics Forum (DTLF)

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The first mandate of the DTLF ended in 2018. The end of mandate report and recommendations.

Since 2018, under its second mandate, the DTLF continues to discuss and build consensus on the necessary technical, organisational and legal principles. For this purpose the DTLF works in subgroups and convenes at least twice per year in Plenary. Subgroups are dedicated to specific topics defined in work programmes and will be discontinued and/or replaced once completed.

The DTLF also contributes to the development of the Mobility Data Space, being one of the sectoral initiatives in the framework of the European Common Data Spaces proposed in the European data strategy.

Organisation of DTLF


Policy objectives

Digitalisation changes profoundly the way we produce, consume, transport and organise our supply chains. Businesses start to interact differently with...

Forum members

The DTLF is composed of more than 100 experts representing EU Member States' authorities, other public entities, as well as private organisations and...