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Mobility and Transport

DTLF II (2018 – 2023)

General publications13 September 2018
C(2018) 5921

Commission Decision of 13.9.2018 setting up the group of experts on digital freight transport and logistics: the Digital Transport and Logistics Forum (DTLF)

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Subgroup 1 “Paperless transport”

  • Work plan of Subgroup 1
  • Reports of Subgroup 1 (Intermediary reports, Final report)

Subgroup 2 “Corridor freight information systems”

  • Work plan of Subgroup 2
  • Reports of Subgroup 2 (Intermediary reports, Final report)


The DTLF support projects

DTLF I (2015-2018)

General publications9 April 2015
C(2015) 2259

Commission Decision of 9.4.2015 setting-up an expert group on Digital Transport and Logistics ('the Digital Transport and Logistics Forum')

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Subgroup 1 “Electronic Transport Documents”

  • Final report of Subgroup 1 (Executive summary, Full report)
  • Mandate of Subgroup 1

Subgroup 2 “Corridor information systems”

  • Final report of Subgroup 2 (Executive summary, Full report)
  • Mandate of Subgroup 2

Highlights archive

Benefits of eFTI Regulation

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DTLF Expert Group

DTLF Sharepoint (for DTLF members and observers only)

Digital Single Market

European Maritime Single Window environment

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Commissioner Adina Valean

Director-General Henrik Hololei