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Mobility and Transport

Subgroup 2 – Corridor Freight Information System

Lack of interoperability and fragmentation of various data sharing systems is an important challenge for stakeholders operating in supply and logistics. Therefore, a dedicated DTLF Subgroup 2 “Corridor Freight Information Systems” was established to create a common framework for information sharing in multimodal transport and logistics chains. This dataspace will integrate existing or emerging platforms into a federated network, allowing all private and public players to easily connect and share data in a neutral and trusted environment. The idea is to enable full supply chain visibility, thus triggering innovation, supporting cost reduction, and contributing to societal challenges like safety, security, and sustainability.

By 2022, the Subgroup 2 experts will develop technical specification for the data sharing framework and prepare relevant implementation guidelines from a public and private sector perspective. The experts are grouped in four teams corresponding to the building blocks of the future federated network of platforms:

  • Plug and Play: to provide concepts and procedures that allow individual stakeholders to connect and share data according common agreements;
  • Technology Independent Services: to produce the technology independent platform services supporting common processes, business interoperability and compliance of business with legislation;
  • Federation of Platforms: to create (technical, functional, and business model) interoperability between different platforms, even when each platform is realised with different technology;
  • Trusted, Safe and Secure: to establish a neutral governance structure ensuring trust, safety, and security for data sharing via multiple providers of platform services, including peer-to-peer solutions.

The work of the DTLF Subgroup 2 is supported by two EU funded projects: FEDeRATED and FENIX.

More information on the future framework for information sharing in transport and logistics can be found in the

(1.4 MB - PDF)

and the records from its respective meetings [link to the expert group register].

Federated network of platforms