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Mobility and Transport

Liability issues pertaining to the use of ITS applications

Despite the many potential benefits of Intelligent Transport Systems, the rather unclear, imprecise or diversely understood legal liability regime for potential losses caused by the use of ITS applications or services may be one of the most significant barriers to wide market penetration of those ITS services.

The objective of this action is therefore to identify the ITS applications for which liability constraints or issues are the most probable and assess how those issues can be addressed.

This action is mentioned in Action Area 5: "Data security and protection, and liability issues” under:

Action 5.2: Address the liability issues pertaining to the use of ITS applications and notably in-vehicle safety systems.

As a first, the European Commission is in 2012 conducting a study on the legal state-of-the-art concerning liability aspects related to the deployment of ITS applications and services, including the identification of liability sensitive ITS applications and the definition of specific measures (legal, technical, organisational) that would be required to address liability issues in ITS applications and services.