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Mobility and Transport

Links to Related Initiatives

These are selected links to other initiatives of the European Commission which include Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) in general or specific applications.

  • Intelligent Car Initiative
    <>An initiative to accelerate the deployment of intelligent vehicle systems.
  • iMobility forum (former eSafety initiative)
    <>First pillar of the Intelligent Car Initiative to foster development, deployment and use of intelligent vehicle safety systems and advanced driver assistance systems.
    <>A project for Europe-wide ITS deployment on main trans-European road corridors driven by national road authorities and operators and co-funded by the EU under the TEN-T programme.
    <>A programme developing the European Space Navigation System.
  • Action Plan on GNSS Applications (14 June 2010)
    <>To foster development and increase the EU share of the GNSS global market (from 20% to 33%)
  • Greening Transport Package
    <>A policy package to move transport further towards sustainability, e.g. with road user charging.
  • Freight Transport Logistics Action Plan
    <>One of several policy initiatives to improve the efficiency and sustainability of freight transport in Europe including the concept of eFreight.
  • Action Plan on Urban Transport
    <>Green Paper on urban mobility to be followed by an Action Plan, including issues of integrated information and ticketing.
  • CARS 21
    <>An initiative to strengthen the competitiveness of the European automotive industry by an internal market regulatory framework and international technical harmonisation.
  • Animal welfare during transport
    <>Revised rules on animal welfare during transport, including the use of satellite navigation systems on longer journeys.