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Passenger rights campaign

Flight delayed? Train cancelled? Luggage lost or damaged? Many citizens still do not know that in case of problems when travelling in the EU they have rights, including assistance and reimbursement. EU rules on passenger rights are valid no matter how people travel: by plane, train, bus or ship.

People need to know what their rights are!

How? Check the 'Your Europe' website or download the ‘Passenger Rights’ app to your smartphone (Google Android, iPhone, iPad), and help us spread the word! OR…

You can support the campaign in many ways:

  • You are an organisation or a network:
    Superb! Use our with tips & tricks for social media and ready-to-use social media posts!
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  • You are an event organiser:
    Good! You can receive the passenger rights leaflets and posters for free in any EU language! Just have a look at the campaign material and write to us at
  • You are a private citizen:
    Easy! You can do a lot by sharing information with your friends or on social networks, the campaign material on this site is fun, handy and available for free.

Passenger rights - Travelling is a right for all:

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Download the "Your Passenger Rights" app to your smartphone!Google AndroidiPhoneiPad


The following leaflets are available in the 24 official languages of the EU.Please note that the contact details of National Enforcement Bodies listed...

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