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Mobility and Transport

EVBox - Women’s Employee Resource Group (ERG) Pilot Mentoring Programme

EVBox’s mission is to empower society to embrace electric mobility. To build a world where electric mobility is the new normal, we are leading the charge with a complete EV charging ecosystem for forward-thinking businesses and drivers. We believe in the power of electric mobility to transform transportation and enable a clean energy future. 

The mobility sector has often been a male dominated field. Transforming the sector into one that is for everybody also means ensuring gender equality and representation are a part of this change. As a fundamental theme to our company, gender equality is put into action through our Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) work. Our core principles of DEI are positive action and long-lasting impact, to tackle structural and historical barriers that women face while ensuring these efforts are sustained long-term.

To achieve gender equality, EVBox has decided to strengthen itself and build a mentoring programme, which directly allows us to contribute to these two principles and the goals of the Women in Transport Platform. The programme was created from our internal need for a better sense of inclusion, based on the results of our annual employee engagement survey. Interviews with senior female directors in our company confirmed their hope to give opportunities and a platform to support the development of other women.

The Women’s Employee Resource Group (ERG) Pilot Mentoring Programme is therefore designed for members of the ERG with two primary aims:

  1. Boosting personal and professional development and
  2. Building a sense of belonging through an expanded social support network for its members.

The programme is delivered by the People Development Team at EVBox, consisting of colleagues in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion and Learning & Development.