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Mobility and Transport
News article22 May 2019Directorate-General for Mobility and Transport1 min read

Africa-Europe Alliance: Transport Task Force meets to enhance connectivity and boost investments

Today the Africa Transport and Connectivity Task Force meets in Leipzig bringing together leaders and experts from public and private sectors on both continents to discuss connectivity.

Overall, the initiative – which is part of the new 'Africa-Europe Alliance for Sustainable Investment and Jobs' as announced by President Juncker at his State of the Union speech in 2018 – focuses on three key areas: air transport, road safety and connectivity. The recently established Task Force's general objectives are to support pan-African connectivity, boost public and private investment in the African transport network and identify and assist with structural reforms in the transport sector. Successful meetings on road safety and air transport already took place this year.

Today, experts from both continents will share perspectives on how to improve transport connectivity both within Africa and between Africa and Europe, and facilitate investments in that sector. The aim is to support pan-African multi-modal transport corridor development, address sector inefficiencies and structural reforms as well as boost public and private investment.

Commissioner for Transport, Violeta Bulc said: "Europe's trans-European Transport Network (TEN-T) combining road, rail, air and water transport networks can provide important insights for possible replication along the African transport corridors. Exchanging our knowledge on how to boost transport links and better connect people and business is precisely the kind of win-win our Africa-Europe Alliance is all about."

Commissioner for International Cooperation and Development, Neven Mimica, said: "Well-functioning transport infrastructure ensuring quality, sustainable and reliable connectivity is crucial for development. It is essential for economic integration and growth. Today’s meeting marks another step towards the objectives of the Africa-Europe Alliance: boosting investment and creating jobs in Africa. We will do so by enhancing private sector investment in this area of high demand through an improved and enabling sectoral environment, building on the principles of economic, environmental and social sustainability."


Publication date
22 May 2019
Directorate-General for Mobility and Transport