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Mobility and Transport

Local passenger transport-on-demand (taxis and PHV)

Passenger transport-on-demand, mostly provided by taxis and Private Hire Vehicles with drivers is and has been an important part of the mobility offer available to citizens. The European Commission has published a Notice for national and local authorities on regulating taxis and private hire vehicles. The Notice clarifies how internal market rules should be applied to taxis and private hire vehicles, and how appropriate regulation can make these services more sustainable, accessible, and fair. For instance, the Commission advises against regulation leading to empty runs, such as an obligation for private hire vehicles to return to garage in between rides or geographical restrictions that prevent drivers from taking passengers on return trips from remote locations. The Notice encourages ‘pooling’ of passengers, more sustainable vehicle fleets, and integration with public transport and active mobility. It also emphasises that requirements to become a driver and operating conditions should be simple and proportionate.

Policy and other related documents

Commission Notice on well-functioning and sustainable local passenger transport-on-demand (taxis and PHV)
5 JULY 2022
Summary of the discussions held at the on line information session of 17 June 2022 on taxis and PHV