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Mobility and Transport

Sub-group on European Union (EU) e-mobility Public Key infrastructure (PKI) ecosystem management

The European Commission is calling for applications with a view to selecting members of the sub-group other than Member States’ authorities and other public entities.

The sub-group’s main mission shall be to assist the Commission to set-up and operate the European Union (EU) Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) ecosystem for e-mobility under a single EU Certificate Trust List (CTL). The sub-group shall contribute to setting relevant technical procedures, operational rules and requirements to ensure the interoperability of plug and charge services over time, as well as to establish and maintain the technical and operational structures that govern the ecosystem. 

On that basis, with the support of the sub-group, the Commission aims to start the technical implementation of the corresponding governance and architecture framework, with an initial phase based on a voluntary approach, as of January 2025 under the technical leadership of the Joint Research Centre (JRC) located in Ispra (Italy). The EU PKI ecosystem for e-mobility architecture model and its implementation will be based on the application of EN ISO 15118-2:2016 and EN ISO 15118-20:2022 complemented with a single EU CTL layer.

The sub-group’s specific tasks are described in the Terms of Reference and Call for Applications (see the documents below).

Application procedure

Interested organisations, other than Member States’s authorities and other public entities, are invited to submit their application to DG MOVE in line with all requirements and instructions established in the Call for Applications for this sub-group.

The duly signed applications must be sent by 8 March 2024, 17:00 CEST at the latest.

In case of questions related to this Call for Applications, interested organisations may submit their questions to the following e-mail address: MOVE-STFatec [dot] europa [dot] eu (MOVE-STF[at]ec[dot]europa[dot]eu). Interested organisations are invited to submit any potential question well in advance, to ensure a timely answer in accordance with the deadline for applications.

Relevant documents and useful links