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Mobility and Transport

Moving towards a Single European Transport Area requires a digital layer interlinking all of the elements of transport. Building up this Digital Architecture involves open and common standards and interfaces and an efficient, but secure data ecosystem.

This is why Member States are setting up their National Access Points; to facilitate access, easy exchange and reuse of transport related data, in order to help support the provision of EU-wide interoperable travel and traffic services to end users.

The list of the ITS national access points aims to facilitate establishing the links between those intending to be involved in research, it the development or in the provision of such services.

General publications19 September 2023
ITS national access points (NAP)

The list shows the state of the art deployment of the National Access Points across Europe, within the scope of the implementation of the delegated acts adopted under Directive 2010/40/EU:

National Access Points Coordination Organisation for Europe (NAPCORE)

A National Access Point can take various forms, such as a database, data warehouse, data marketplace, repository, and register, web portal or similar depending on the type of data concerned and provide discovery services, making it easier to fuse, crunch or analyse the requested data sets. For these purposes, data is accessible on a non-discriminatory basis, in accordance with the necessary standards for exchange and reuse.

The National Access Point Coordination Organisation for Europe (NAPCORE) project was started in 2022, to work on a better alignment of the implementation of EU specifications in the Member States. NAPCORE is a Programme Support Action co-funded by the EU under the Connecting Europe Facility.

NAPCORE has been launched as coordination mechanism to improve interoperability of the National Access Points as backbone of European mobility data exchange. NAPCORE improves the interoperability of mobility data in Europe with mobility data standard harmonisation and alignment. Also, NAPCORE aims at increasing access to and expanding availability of mobility related data by coordinated data access and better harmonisation of the European NAPs. 

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