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Mobility and Transport

Bilateral cooperation

Beyond its neighbours and the enlargement process, the EU aims to develop and implement strategies with countries with high impacts on EU transport policy and interest. In this context, the Commission manages negotiations and other forms of dialogue of a multi-modal nature to extend internal market rules, support international connectivity, promote European safety and security standards as well as European interests at a global stage.

In practical terms, DG MOVE prepares and coordinates the transport dimension of bilateral and regional relations, taking place at various levels (summits, high-level dialogues, technical exchange of information as well as negotiations) and the EU partner countries and regions.

Work in this area may vary from preparing the ground for a comprehensive and strategic transport partnership based on cooperation in several modes, to conducting specific sectorial dialogues on transport modes, to providing the relevant input to major trade and investment negotiations as well as to direct the use of European development cooperation sources.

While the EU is open to dialogue at global level, existing areas of activities cover in particular China, Japan, the US, Brazil, and regions (such as ASEAN/South East Asia).



European Union External Action Service (EEAS)


International Partnerships on cooperation in the areas of transport