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Mobility and Transport
Konferenciák és csúcstalálkozók

Mitigating the social impact of the transition to automation and digitalisation in transport

As outlined in the Sustainable and Smart Mobility Strategy, automation and digitalisation in the transport sector are creating many new challenges for the transport workforce. Jobs in the transport sector may be at risk. At the same time, the digital transformation presents new opportunities, in particular for women and young people.

In 2023, the European Commission plans to issue a Recommendation on means to mitigate the impact of the transition to automation and digitalisation on the transport workforce. To prepare the Recommendation, the Commission’s Directorate-General for Mobility and Transport will organise a participatory stakeholder conference:

  • On 21 March 2023 in Brussels (full day at BluePoint Brussels, in presence and online)
  • Participants: Transport stakeholders with an interest in the fair transition to automation and digitalisation in transport (public authorities, employers’ organisations, trade unions, education and training institutions, companies, transport professionals, etc.).
  • The event will be held in English.
  • Organised by COWI Belgium SPRL in collaboration with CENIT and on behalf of the European Commission, Directorate-General for Mobility and Transport.

During the conference, we will discuss and review the draft text to make sure the Recommendation is useful for all relevant stakeholders from all modes of transport and from both passenger and freight transport.

Conference report

  • transport policy
  • 2023. március 21., kedd, 09:00 (CET)

Gyakorlati tudnivalók

2023. március 21., kedd, 09:00 (CET)