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News article1 December 2021Directorate-General for Mobility and Transport

Aviation: EU and the Sultanate of Oman initial aviation agreement


The European Union and the Sultanate of Oman today initialled a comprehensive air transport agreement.

This agreement, the second of its type with a partner country in the Gulf region, will enhance EU-Oman aviation relations through a gradual process of market opening and regulatory cooperation, creating a level playing field. The agreement will generate new opportunities and benefits for passengers, the air transport industry and other related economic sectors such as tourism. The agreement will enhance connectivity and also ensure the more sustainable development of aviation, including through provisions on fair competition, social aspects and the environment.

The EU-Oman agreement will constitute a platform for future cooperation on a wide range of aviation issues, including aviation safety, security, and air traffic management.

Director General for Mobility and Transport of the European Commission, Henrik Hololei said, “I am happy that we are continuing to deliver in line with the high standards now set for EU aviation agreements. Today’s initialling illustrates the successful collaboration of both negotiating teams, and further reinforces the close aviation ties between the EU and Oman. Once signed, this agreement will bring new opportunities, more choice and higher standards for passengers, industry and aviation workers. I look forward to taking our aviation partnership to the next level!”

Negotiation of the agreement was proposed by the European Commission as part of the Aviation Strategy for Europe.


Next steps

After initialling the agreement, both sides will initiate their respective internal procedures with a view to preparing for the signature of the agreement as soon as possible.




Publication date
1 December 2021
Directorate-General for Mobility and Transport