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Mobility and Transport
News article12 October 2016Directorate-General for Mobility and Transport1 min read

Non-binding guidance documents on six different aspects of urban access regulations

The Directorate General for Mobility and Transport has in December 2014 launched a study to assist it with the preparation of non-binding guidance documents on six specific aspects of urban access regulations.

After a tender process, a consortium led by Instituto di Studi per l'Integrazione dei Sistemi (IT) and involving PricewaterhouseCoopers (BE) is conducting the study.

Online consultations on the first four topics ‘Information and communication on the schemes adopted for urban access regulations’, ‘(Cross-border) enforcement, vehicle types, their identification and exemptions’, ‘Planning, Consultation and Design of UVAR schemes’ and ‘National Legal Frameworks’ have been completed in 2015 and earlier this year.

Currently and until 21 October 2016, the consortium is gathering stakeholders' input on its consolidated drafts for the following non-binding guidance documents under consideration:

  • 5.) Evaluation and Assessment of Urban Vehicle Access Regulation (UVAR) Schemes
  • 6.) Technology options and interoperability for Urban Vehicle Access Regulation (UVAR) Schemes

We would greatly appreciate the involvement of all interested stakeholders via


Publication date
12 October 2016
Directorate-General for Mobility and Transport