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About the ENCASIA network

European Network of Civil Aviation Safety Investigation Authorities


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Word of the Chairman

John Ahlberk, Chairman ENCASIA

John Ahlberk, Chairman ENCASIA

Dear visitor,
Dear network colleagues,

Welcome to the ENCASIA website, designed to provide you with information on the European Network of Civil Aviation Safety Investigation Authorities (ENCASIA).

ENCASIA was established in January 2011 with the entry into force of Regulation (EU) No 996/2010 on the investigation and prevention of accidents and incidents in civil aviation.

Improving aviation safety investigations in Europe and at the international level is all about cooperation. In this regard, ENCASIA plays a unique role. It gathers members from some of the world’s leading safety investigation authorities as well as highly experienced aviation safety investigators from across Europe. ENCASIA has established itself as a world leading arena for sharing best practices, facilitating safety improvements, and supporting and harmonising safety investigations.

Much has been achieved. A wide range of activities is carried out by the working groups. For instance, the ENCASIA peer reviews play an essential role in implementing regulation 996 in the Member States. The European Mutual Support System (EMSS) is another example of how ENCASIA and its members strive to improve aviation safety investigations through support and assistance to its members.

The activities of ENCASIA include:

  • Development of training activities,
  • Promoting safety investigation best practices,
  • Developing a mechanism for sharing investigative resources,
  • Advising EU institutions on air accident investigation and prevention matters.

Thanks to grants from the European Commission and co-funding from our members, annual work programmes are implemented for the development of concrete action in line with our overall mission to improve aviation safety investigations. Our network has also been actively involved in regulatory discussions on safety investigation matters with the European institutions.

Should you browse our website and read our annual activity reports, you will see what ENCASIA has achieved so far. As for our way forward, it is also important that the resolutions adopted continue to be implemented.

It is essential to build on this success and to continue to promote mutual support between all European safety investigation authorities, with the primary objective of ensuring that any civil aviation accident, wherever it occurs in Europe, will be properly investigated, and that lessons to prevent reoccurrence will be learned and shared.

All this is made possible through the active participation of investigators from our members and observers. They represent an investment in terms of time but in return, they have helped to develop aviation safety investigations in Europe.

Together, we make aviation even safer!

John Ahlberk, ENCASIA Chairman

ENCASIA group photo 2023