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Mobility and Transport

The Scandinavian-MediterraneanCorridor crosses the Danish network, running from Sweden (via the Öresund bridge) to Germany.

Infrastructure Managers

Banedanmark is the national Danish Infrastructure Manager, responsible for maintenance and traffic control on the Danish rail network. Legally it is a government agency reporting to the Danish Ministry of Transport.

In 2008, Banedanmark announced a programme for total replacement, aiming for the conversion of the signalling system across the entire national network to ETCS Level 2. This was essential, given the state of obsolescence of parts of the network. The Danish government approved EUR 3.3 billion funding over several years for the project, until 2030. This means that Denmark is the first European country to attempt a complete conversion of a national network to ETCS Level 2.

The Danish network has a part which belongs to the Scandinavian-MediterraneanCorridor and consists of almost 550 km.

Information regarding the Danish network and its features can be found at:

National implementation plan

The Danish National Implementation Plan (NIP) was delivered in 2019. It is not compliant with the ERTMS European Deployment Plan, as it anticipates a deployment in the relevant corridors by 2023-2024 although a delay of one to five years is anticipated.

According to the Danish NIP:

  • The complete network will be equipped with ERTMS Level 2.
  • In Denmark, ETCS will replace the national system that is exceeding its useful lifespan. When lines are commissioned with ERTMS, the Class B system on the line is decommissioned, and operation is converted to ERTMS only. Although Class B systems will be implemented temporarily on some new lines, they will be replaced by ETCS according to the roll-out plan. On trains that will operate on the Øresund link, a Swedish STM (STM-SE) must also be installed for the Swedish Class B system (ATC 2).

National Implementation Plans (NIP) country by country

National Safety Authority

The Danish Transport Authority (Trafikstyrelsen) is an agency within the Danish Ministry of Transport. Among other responsibilities, it is the Danish NSA, responsible for regulation, planning, safety and transport co-ordination nationally and internationally.