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Mobility and Transport

Control command and signalling - CCS TSI NIP

Implementation Plans – EU Analysis

Presentation – Synthesis of the National Implementation Plans

20 JULY 2021
(1.94 MB - PDF)

National Implementation Plans (NIP) Country by Country

CountryOriginal languageEnglish translation
Austria English
Belgiumoriginal language - annexEnglish
Bulgariaoriginal languageEnglish
Croatiaoriginal languageEnglish
Cyprusno rail system 
Czech Republicoriginal languageEnglish
Denmarkoriginal languageEnglish
Estonia English
Finlandoriginal languageEnglish
Franceoriginal languageEnglish
Germanyoriginal languageEnglish
Greeceoriginal languageEnglish
Hungaryoriginal languageEnglish
Irelandoriginal language 
Italyoriginal languageEnglish
Latviaoriginal languageEnglish
Lithuaniaoriginal languageEnglish
Luxembourgoriginal languageEnglish
Maltano rail system 
Netherlands English (supplement)
Polandoriginal language (supplement)English (supplement)
Portugaloriginal languageEnglish
Romaniaoriginal languageEnglish
Slovak Republic English
Sloveniaoriginal languageEnglish
Spainoriginal language 
Sweden English
Switzerland English
Norwayoriginal languageEnglish


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