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Mobility and Transport

The only corridor that crosses the Lithuanian network is the North Sea - Baltic corridor.

Infrastructure Managers

Lietuvos Geležinkeliai is the national, state-owned Lithuanian railway company, which operates most railway lines in the country. The Lithuanian network that belongs to the North Sea - Baltic corridor consists of more than 800 km.

In this country, two gauges co-exist: a broad gauge (1520 mm) and another gauge (1435 mm), for the section which belongs to Rail Baltica.

National implementation plan

The Lithuanian National Implementation Plan (NIP) was delivered in 2017. It is compliant with the ERTMS European Deployment Plan with the mentioned sections. However, no detailed plans are provided for some sections (mainly beyond-2023 sections).

According to the Lithuanian NIP:

  • There is no information regarding the Class B system or its decommissioning. The Latvian NIP provides information about plans to deploy ERTMS in the 1435 mm section between Kaunas and the Polish border in Rail Baltica. However, no additional information is given concerning the rest of the sections belonging to the Core Network Corridors.
  • The Lithuanian NIP does not indicate the ERTMS level planned to be deployed, but updated documents on Rail Baltica indicates that level 2 will be deployed.

National Implementation Plans (NIP) country by country

National Safety Authority

The State Railway Inspectorate is the NSA of Lithuania, under the Ministry of Transport.