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Mobility and Transport

TRACE 2 guidance and training materials

This set of guidance and training materials does not commit the European Commission. Only the Court of Justice of the European Union is competent to authoritatively interpret Union law.

The TRACE 2 document updates and complements the Trace explanatory text by reflecting the legislative changes introduced through Mobility Package 1 that was adopted in July 2020. It provides a valuable guidance on how to apply and control compliance with the modified and new rules related to driving and rest times of drivers, posting of drivers, cabotage operations, requirements on stable establishment as well as the correct use of tachograph and other tools put in place to facilitate implementation and controls. The key objective of establishing this guidance material is to ensure common understanding of the rules in force and their consistent and effective enforcement across the EU. Correct application and compliance with those rules is key to achieving the objectives of the road transport legislation that is enhancing working conditions for drivers, ensuring fair conditions of competition for operators and improving road safety. TRACE 2 document has been prepared by the consortium composed of the experts representing  Social Partners in road transport sector, enforcement organisation and communication experts, and is available also on the website of one of the project partners (CORTE).

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