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Mobility and Transport

Mobility Package: Questions and Answers

Questions and Answers on the implementation of Mobility Package 1

Questions and Answers Part 2:

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Questions and Answers Part 1: Български - Hrvatski - Čeština - Dansk - Nederlands - Eesti - Suomi - Français - Deutsch - Ελληνικά - Magyar - Gaeilge - Italiano - Latviešu - Lietuvių - Malti - Polski - Portuguese - Română - Slovenčina - Slovenščina - Español - Svenska

Mobility Package 1 is in force and the social provisions on driving times and rest conditions of drivers have been applying since 20 August 2020. The priority of the European Commission now is to ensure a common understanding and consistent implementation of the new provisions. Therefore, the Commission prepared the following first set of Questions and Answers to address most pressing implementation questions raised by the sector. This will be gradually complemented by further questions and answers on the other provisions of Mobility Package 1, where necessary. It should serve as the guide for drivers, road transport operators and enforcers to ensure that the rules are applied and controlled in a harmonized manner throughout the EU.

DISCLAIMER: This set of questions and answers was prepared by the Commission services and does not commit the European Commission. Only the Court of Justice of the European Union is competent to authoritatively interpret Union law. In this context, it is noted that Article 8(8) and Article 8(8a) of Regulation (EC) 561/2006, covered by questions 1 to 6, currently form the object of annulment proceedings before the Court of Justice. The examples given are illustrative and the list of concrete examples will be developed further.

I. Return of a driver

II. Ban to take a regular weekly rest in the cabin of the vehicle

III. Ferry rule

IV. Reduced weekly rests

V. Exceptional exceeding driving time

VI. Multi-manning

VII. Border crossing