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Pilot projects, preparatory actions and good practices

Show cases of secure parking (SETPOS)

The pilot project SETPOS (Secure European Truck Park Operational Services) has been concluded in 2010. It was co-financed by the Commission and it accomplished several objectives. The project included investments into four pilot parking sites on the trans-European network, offering high level of protection against attacks, and serving as a model and encouraging investors to develop such facilities. In the pilot project, a secure truck parking site was built near Valenciennes and investments to improve the security of existing rest areas were carried out in Wörnitz (Germany), Ashford (United Kingdom) and Uhrsleben (Germany).

The Commission also released a handbook of best practice on secure European truck parking. The handbook helps truck park operators to develop their sites in line with the required security standards. A document with Background Information and Considerations For Secure Truck Parking is also available

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European labeling of parking areas (LABEL)

The second pilot project 'LABEL' developed a labelling scheme to inform transport operators about the quality and security level of truck parks. It built on the security standards developed by SETPOS and it applies its own labelling scheme to 80 sites all over Europe. It has also certified more than 80 rest areas in at least 10 different Member States by applying the certification procedures developed by the project.

The results of the LABEL project have been taken over by the International Road Transport Union (IRU) in order to establish a labelling system with stars and locks which will indicate the level of security and comfort at the parking areas that are certified. The interested truck parking operators may now refer to IRU for further certification information.

A best practice handbook is available.

Parking areas at the border crossing points between the EU and Russia

A grant agreement with Estonian authorities was signed in December 2009 in order to build a secure parking in the area of Narva – Ivangorod on the border with the Russian Federation. As part of the project an electronic parking and queue reservation system will be implemented in order to alleviate congestion and environmental harm, and to provide for adequate and secure rest facilities for drivers. The project will run until 2012.

Guidelines to good practices

In December 2008, the Commission adopted the Action Plan for the Deployment of Intelligent Transport Systems in Europe . One of the actions concerns specifically the "development of appropriate measures including best practice guidelines on secure parking places for trucks and commercial vehicles and on telematics-controlled parking and reservation systems"


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