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Mobility and Transport

2019 Stakeholder consultation

The Sustainable Transport Forum plenary of 26 November 2019 unanimously adopted a Report entitled

20 JULY 2021
Analysis of stakeholder views on key policy needs and options for action in Alternative Fuels Infrastructure deployment and consumer services (2019)

This Report forms the conclusion of the 2019 workstreams, a stakeholder consultation mandated by the 2018 STF plenary around the following topics:

  1. Minimum requirements for alternative fuels infrastructure:
    • Deployment of alternative fuels infrastructure: progress, targets, methodologies and policy orientation;
    • Minimum quality requirements for alternative fuels infrastructure;
    • State of play of market: competition and market failures.
  2. Consumer services and seamless payments:
    • Accessibility and availability of static and dynamic data regarding alternative fuels infrastructure;
    • Payment methods: ad-hoc and contract based (related to e-roaming);
    • Identification/authentication of users;
    • Cybersecurity;
    • Transparency of prices and billing;
    • Smart charging and vehicle-to-grid (V2G), including issues related to access to vehicle data.

The findings provide useful input into the ongoing evaluation of Directive 2014/94/EU.

Moreover, the 2019 plenary agreed to translate these findings in recommendations and best practices for the award of alternative fuels infrastructure concessions and alternative fuels infrastructure procurement. These have been developed together with the STF members and ad hoc experts in the course of 2020 (see above).