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Mobility and Transport

Optimisation of the collection and provision of Road Data, Traffic Regulations and Circulation plans

Transport and logistics operations - be it traffic management, routing support or the physical delivery of goods - all require a good knowledge of the networks' characteristics and their boundary conditions for use.

At the same time authorities and managers increasingly rely on regulations and circulation plans to tackle inappropriate use of the most sensitive parts of the networks.
It is so, because of an ever increasing traffic demand, the fact that existing capacities are jeopardized by incidents and road works and also to cope with enhanced awareness concerning the negative impacts of emissions and noise.

With the aim of fostering effectiveness of operations and quality of related services Action 1.2 of the ITS Action Plan therefore investigates Europe-wide availability and access to road data, traffic regulations and circulation plans, with emphasis on restrictions for heavy goods vehicles and on the interurban/ urban interface.

The Action also addresses the development and operational use of Traffic Management Plans in an attempt to enhance and fuel structured cooperation among network managers and other actors involved, to balance the networks / make best use of existing capacities and to potentially strengthen the interconnection of the transport modes.

In 2012 the European Commission commissioned a study to assess the state of the art, to identify best practices and to recommend actions to enhance cooperation among all concerned stakeholders. According to the work plan the intermediate results of the study will be presented and discussed at an open stakeholder workshop.