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Mobility and Transport

The eFTI Regulation

Digitalising freight transport across the European Union

The eFTI Regulation is set to transform freight transport within the EU by replacing paper-based documentation with electronic data in all transport modes. This digital shift will apply to road, rail, inland waterway, and air transport.

It will reduce administrative burdens for operators and authorities, enhance data security, and ensure compliance with EU and national freight regulations. Authorities in all EU Member States will be required to accept electronic data when shared by businesses via eFTIcompliant platforms.

Operational framework

Business data will be housed on secure, certified IT platforms that can be easily integrated with companies’ existing data management systems. This data will only be shared with authorities upon explicit inspection request, using unique access links in machine-readable formats such as QR codes.

The eFTI platforms will also allow companies to share data selectively with their authorised business partners by granting them tailored access rights.

Key benefits

For businesses

  • Anticipated annual savings of €1 billion in operational and administrative costs for the EU transport and logistics sector.
  • Instant sharing of data with partners through eFTI platforms, enabling more efficient logistics planning, vehicle loading, and routing.
  • Easy acess to data improves multimodal transport planning and decision-making, leading to a more dependable supply chain.

For authorities

  • Improved efficiency thanks to more streamlined compliance checks.
  • Lower enforcement costs due to fewer physical inspections.
  • Higher quality of data, allowing better monitoring of policy implementation.

Towards a future-ready EU

The eFTI Regulation is expected to promote eco-friendly transport, encourage the adoption of cutting-edge digital technologies in logistics, and boost the global competitiveness of the EU transport sector.


Regularly consult official EU channels for updates on the implementation process to ensure your organisation is fully prepared for this e-transformation!