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Uber’s commitment to become the most accessible platform for women drivers in Europe

Uber’s commitment to become the most accessible platform for women drivers in Europe

by Uber


On 27 September 2022, Uber pledged to invest 1 million Euros over the next two years in a range of initiatives to help women in Europe start driving with Uber and to enhance the experience for women drivers on our platform.

(1) As part of our commitment, Uber is launching programmes to subsidise the cost of Private Hire Vehicle (PHV) licences, to provide discounted access to vehicles and to support women who want to build their own driving business. We are also rolling out information campaigns specifically targeted at women, new referral schemes, and dedicated forums and communities for women drivers to connect, receive training and share their experiences. For example, in France, we host monthly roundtables with women drivers across multiple cities. We are also partnering with Force Femmes, an NGO that provides free support to unemployed women that are over 45 years old. In the UK, we are working with Adecco to develop specific campaigns addressing women drivers.

(2) We are piloting the “Women Rider Preference” feature in Poland, Czech Republic and Romania. This feature allows women drivers to indicate a preference for picking up women riders. This gives women drivers more control over their work as well as a greater confidence when choosing to drive during peak earning hours such as at night on weekends.

(3) We will continue investing in ‘best-in-class safety features’, such as the in-app emergency assistance button, 24/7 incident support and “Follow my ride”. We additionally provide independent drivers (and couriers) with free Partner Protection insurance , in partnership with Allianz Partners and AXA. To help prevent and address gender-based violence, we partner with key NGOs like UK SAYS NO MORE and HandsAway, and have organised an anti-harassment campaign, which the ‘Women in Transport – EU Platform for Change’ recognized as a good industry practice.