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Mobility and Transport

Permanent email address

infoatuzpln [dot] cz (info[at]uzpln[dot]cz)

Legal basis

In order to achieve the standards required by the EU, an Act No.258/2002 Coll. came into force amending Act 49/1997 Coll. on civil aviation and amending Act 455/1991 Coll. on trade licensing (Trade Licensing Act) as amended by later regulations (further referred to as Civil Aviation Act). The Institute has been established pursuant to § 55a Art.(1) of the Civil Aviation Act.



Encasia member

Mr Pavel Štrůbl

Military investigations

In case of civil-military accidents/incidents, AAII shall collaborate with the Ministry of Defence to the extent necessary.


No (Air only)

On duty H24 Number

+420 724 300 800


Air Accidents Investigation Institute :