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The Accident Investigation Board (AIB) in Denmark (Havarikommissionen for Civil Luftfart og Jernbane) is an independent governmental institution. In Denmark, independent and impartial investigations of accidents and incidents in civil aviation have existed since 1979. The background to the establishment of an independent and impartial commission was an investigation into an accident with a Danish registered aircraft at Dubai. The study was conducted by a study group within the GSA. Since the report was published, it was revealed that there were factors in the accident, which had not been examined, and they pointed directly at the Authority's role and responsibilities. January 1, 1979 were therefore established an independent and impartial commission named Accident Investigation Board for Civil Aviation, which existed until June 2004. The name was then changed to the Accident Investigation Board for Civil Aviation and Rail or AIB Denmark.

Permanent email address

aibataib [dot] dk (aib[at]aib[dot]dk)

Legal basis

AIB Denmark conducts investigation under Regulation (EU) No 996/2010, The Danish Aviation Act and according to the procedures on the duty to report accidents and serious incidents. For further reference, visit the Danish AIB website (



ENCASIA member

Mr Martin Puggaard

Military investigations

Where a military aircraft is involved, TACDEN Flight Safety Branch is in close cooperation with the AIB


Yes (air and rail)

On duty 24/7 number

+45 33 14 70 80


Accident Investigation Board Denmark :