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Mobility and Transport

Safety investigations following accidents and/or incidents are carried out by “Administration des Enquêtes Techniques” (AET), the Accident/Incident Investigation Authority in Luxembourg. This body performs its functions independently in compliance with Council Directive 94/56/EC reporting only to the Minister responsible for the Department of Transports. The Law of 30 April 2008 concerning a) creation of the Administration of Technical Investigations b) modification of the amended law of 22 June 1963 on the system of salaries of the State and c) repeal of the Act of 8 March 2002 establishes an entity which is responsible to initiate and to conduct the investigation of accidents and major incidents in civil aviation, maritime transport and railway. The AET, with autonomous decision making authority, is settled as an independent body within the governmental system and to guarantee such an independent position, AET only reports to the Minister responsible for the Department of Transports.


Permanent email address

infoataet [dot] etat [dot] lu (info[at]aet[dot]etat[dot]lu)



Encasia member

Mr Paul Meyers

Military investigations




On duty H24 Number

+352 247 84404


Administration des Enquêtes Techniques (AET):…