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Mobility and Transport

Due to its position and the North Sea ports, three corridors are running through the Dutch network:

  • Rhine - Alpine corridor, starting from the Amsterdam and Rotterdam harbours south-east towards Germany (Düsseldorf and Cologne).
  • North Sea - Mediterranean corridor, starting from Amsterdam and running towards Belgium via Antwerp.
  • North Sea - Baltic corridor, from the Amsterdam and Rotterdam harbours, running eastbound towards Germany.

Infrastructure Managers

Prorail is the Dutch national Infrastructure Manager. The Dutch network has a part which belongs to the Core Network Corridors (over 700 km).

Information regarding the Dutch network and its features can be found at:

National implementation plan

The Dutch National Implementation Plan (NIP) was delivered in 2020. It is partially compliant with the ERTMS European Deployment Plan. There are sections not included in the plan for 2030, such as the Rotterdam-Utrecht or the NSB part from Deventer towards the German border.

According to the Dutch NIP:

  • The entire network will be equipped with ERTMS Level 2.
  • The replacement of nationwide current Class B system by ERTMS is planned by 2050, including a first stage by 2030. Currently there are lines equipped only with ERTMS, e.g. Rotterdam - Barendrecht - Breda - Border NL/BE. In addition, decommissioning of Class B system is planned, for example the commercial operation on track section Kijfhoek – Roosendaal - Belgian border with ERTMS Level 2 only is planned by 2028.

National Implementation Plans (NIP) country by country

National Safety Authority

The ILT (Environment and Transport Inspectorate) is the NSA responsible in the Netherlands for compliance with rail sector regulations and laws, among other responsibilities. ILT works on the monitoring of the companies involved in the sector for a safer activity.

There is little information available on the ILT website that is explicitly related to ERTMS/ETCS. Some documentation is on these links: