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Mobility and Transport

The corridor that runs along the Swedish network is the Scandinavian – Mediterranean corridor. As defined in the TEN-T corridors plan, from Malmo, one branch runs along the North Sea coast towards Oslo, via Gothenburg; and the other branch runs to the northeast, towards Stockholm.

Infrastructure Managers

Trafikverket (The Swedish Transport Administration) is the Swedish Government agency in charge of the state road network and national railway network. The Swedish network has a part that belongs to the Scandinavian – Mediterranean corridor that includes over 1,500 km.

Information regarding the Swedish network and its features can be found at:

National implementation plan

The Sweden National Implementation Plan (NIP) was delivered in 2022. It is partially compliant with the ERTMS European Deployment Plan, because it includes some dates that are beyond 2030, for example, the Malmö – Trelleborg line is planned by 2033.

According to the Sweden NIP:

  • Sweden will decommission its Class B system line by line. In the most optimistic scenario, the Class B system will be phased out by 2035.
  • The Sweden NIP does not indicate the ERTMS level planned to be deployed.

National Implementation Plans (NIP) country by country

National Safety Authority

Transportstyrelsen is the Swedish NSA, responsible for rail traffic safety in Sweden.