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AVIADORAS is a platform within SEPLA (Spanish pilots union) which is dedicated to women in aviation. It was created with the support of the Spanish Association of Pilots (AEP). It represents Spanish women pilots within the European Cockpit Association (ECA).

The objectives of the platform are to give voice and visibility to women in aviation, to create a solid community, to promote equality and balance between men and women in aviation, to encourage the empowerment of women and to enhance their access to the profession from an early stage.

Currently only 5% of the world's pilots are women. In Spain in particular, SEPLA has 4.5% female pilots inside the union. Aviadoras’ activities cover a wide scope, from training (courses and seminars), talks in schools, mentoring, cultural outreach activities, conferences, research projects, events, to the dissemination of aeronautical culture and the role of women in development of aviation. The means at our disposal are Aviadoras website, Mach82 magazine, newsletters, social networks and other external communication media.

ECA works together with the other members of the ECA women pilot group to promote these objectives at European level.