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Mobility and Transport

Inspiring Girls in Engineering

by AERTEC Solutions


Our first activity shows girls (and boys, but mainly girls) that engineering is a "teamwork" effort.

To do it, we create several two-member teams to carry out presentations for the students. We combine a junior and senior engineer in these teams, male and female engineers… and we explain our work as architects, aeronautical, mechanical, electrical, civil engineers, all specialized in the aviation industry.

After the presentations, we conduct a visit to the different departments of AERTEC Solutions to show them one project from different points of view. The students will have a hands-on experience in the different departments with real life projects. The grand finale is the IT department, where they play with augmented reality goggles that allows them to see, as if they were in the actual site, what they have been designing as “engineers”.

The main message is that engineering is all about teamwork, and that any of them could work in aviation if they really like it. Our main goal is to ensure the students learn this message.



Contact: Ana Pérez López, Ingeniero Aeronáutico, Airport Planning Expert - PMP

Tel. +34 95 10 10 200, e-mail: aperezataertecsolutions [dot] com (aperez[at]aertecsolutions[dot]com)