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Professional Conduct & Anti-Harassment Policy by UPS

Professional Conduct & Anti-Harassment Policy
by UPS

UPS will not tolerate harassment of any employee by anyone for any reason. No employee is exempt from this policy. The UPS Professional Conduct & Anti-Harassment Policy helps maintaining a work environment that respects the rights of all employees and is free of harassment, hostility, and offensive behaviour.

Duty to Disclose: Any employee or representative who becomes aware of a situation in which he or she believes that UPS legal or ethical responsibilities are being violated, or feels pressured to violate the law or our ethical responsibilities, is required to notify the company of the concern.

No Retaliation: No employee or representative will be disciplined, lose a job or contract, or be retaliated against in any way for asking questions or voicing concerns about UPS legal or ethical obligations when acting in "good faith". Good faith does not mean an individual has to be right; but it does mean that the individual must believe that the information provided is truthful.

If someone knows of a situation where the Code of Business Conduct or any other Compliance and Ethics related policies and programs have been violated and would like to report the situation, these avenues are available:

  1. Open Door Policy
  2. Help Line