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Setting-up of a permanent Diversity & Inclusion Council

Setting-up of a permanent Diversity & Inclusion Council

by the Swiss Federal Railways

Action started in October 2018


The Diversity & Inclusion Council is an internal cross-hierarchical body for promoting a diversity-friendly corporate culture at Swiss Federal Railways (SBB). It is made up of 8 representatives of top management and 8 representatives of employee groups (e.g. language regions, women at SBB, part-time staff, young career starters, employees with disabilities, cultural diversity, LBGTI (Lesbian, Bisexual, Gay, Transgender and Intersex) persons as well as older employees). The Council meets 3-4 times a year for half a day, with the CEO also participating once a year.

Employees are involved in discovering and discussing blind spots in the organization and developing initial solutions in cooperation with top management. To analyse certain topics in depth, focus groups are held with employees and the results are presented to the Council. The aim of the meetings is to initialise, support, accompany and help shape concrete Diversity & Inclusion projects.

In line with the objectives of the “Women in Transport- EU Platform for Change", the Council aims to uncover invisible barriers for women in terms of career and potential development. Based on these findings, the Council develops and implements solutions that increase the attractiveness of the Swiss Federal Railways as an employer for women. The aim is to fully exploit the potential of the female workforce.