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UITP policy on gender equality

By UITP International Association of Public Transport

UITP, the International Association of Public Transport, is committed to spread awareness and advocate for an inclusive public transport sector, promoting the benefits of a diverse workforce comprised of women as well as men in order to advance public transport. We are convinced that women represent a largely untapped potential of talents and skills. More women in transport professions can only mean more attractive and inclusive public transport for all citizens.

For this reason, UITP and its members have decided to improve the gender balance in the decisional and working structures of UITP, to engage more women as speakers in UITP events and conferences and, last but not least, to achieve gender balance in the management of UITP.

Through its activities, UITP intends to reach four main objectives:

  • Improving the visibility of women in European and international events
  • Showcasing women as role models in traditionally male functions
  • Giving women a bigger voice in policy making at UITP
  • Ensuring better gender balance at UITP as an association

With our activities to promote women in urban public transport, we directly contribute to Sustainable Development Goal 5 (in particular) to achieve gender equality and empower all women and girls. According to UN Women, “investing in public transportation benefits women, who rely on public transport more than men do”.

Contact: Brigitte [dot] ollieratUITP [dot] org (Brigitte[dot]ollier[at]UITP[dot]org)