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Road passenger rights

On this webpage, you will find relevant links to legislation and policies on road passenger rights. For specific information and advice on your rights as a road passenger and how to claim these rights, please visit 'Your Europe'.


EU legislation governing road passenger rights apply from 1 March 2013, following the adoption of EU Regulation 181/2011. The rules cover the rights of passengers when travelling by bus and coach.

Since 1 March 2021, there are no exemptions from the Regulation. Before this date, exemptions were applied.

Summary of the rights of passengers travelling by bus and coach

Modernising the European rules on road passenger rights

The European Commission follows on its actions on passenger rights as set out in the Sustainable and Smart Mobility Strategy and in 2021, it evaluated EU Regulation 181/2011 on the protection of the rights of bus and coach passengers in view of modernising the applicable rules.

Further information can be found at: Passenger Rights Studies

Evaluation of EU Regulation 181/2011

Useful links and documents

Your Europe - detailed information and advice on your rights as a road passenger and how you can claim them.

Passengers can obtain information on how to exercise their rights through the EU enquiry form for road passengers.

National Enforcement Bodies (NEBs)